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Related skills

FPGA and ASIC Digital Design Services Synthesis : Synopsys Design Compiler, FPGA Express, Synplify, Leonardo Spectrum
Xilinx Designs : Spartan II, Virtex, Virtex II Xilinx Foundation Tools
Design and Code Reviews  
System Performance Analysis C modeling
Architectural Definition Visio Block Diagrams
Design and Analysis  
HDL Coding  HDL : Verilog or VHDL
Simulation Simulation : VCS - Verilog; Cadence - VHDL; Modeltech - Verilog.  Verilog - PLI.
Lab Prototype and Testing  
Methodology Consulting UNIX scripting : Perl, awk, sed, make.

Revision Control : CVS, RCS, MKS, Rationales ATRIA

Software Development SW : C, C++
Misc Eng Skills  OS : HP-UX, Solaris, Linux



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